Mystorical Plays is a site for the promotion of plays that are both historical and, in some sense, mysterious.

From the cloistered world of 16th century Winchester to the death of poet Arthur Rimbaud; from the mysticism of the Roman Temples of Isis to the life of Judas after the Crucifixion, these enigmatic plays share elements of religion and intrigue, mysticism and mystery.

If you are interested in staging one of these plays, please contact the relevant playwright via the email address shown on their website.

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Wykeham's Heretic

The story of Thomas Jolyff. Read sample scenes.Set in Catholic Winchester College 1548.

Death Without Tears

Arthur Rimbaud Read sample scene.returns to the Church on his deathbed. Or does he?

The Fall of the Temple of Isis

Visit Website.A tale of love and treachery in first century Rome.


A solo piece in which one of the three Wise MenVisit Website. recalls his journey to Bethlehem.

Field of Silver

Visit Website.What Judas did after the Crucifixion.

The Laughing Roundhead

A solo piece in which a 17th century clergymanVisit Website. tells a tale of war, women and witchcraft.

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