The Wardenís study minutes later.WHITE, fully clothed, walks about.COLE hurries in, having put on some clothes but any old way so that he still looks tousled.



COLE†††††††††††† Did Grymston tell you everything, Warden?


WHITE†††††††††† I find it hard to believe what he told me.


COLE ††††††††††† I donít.Some things are suddenly very clear to me.


WHITE†††††††††† Such as?


COLE ††††††††††† The way Master Phillips always puts politics before religion, for a

††††††††††††††††††††††† start.


WHITE†††††††††† Heís clear headed.He knows religion could be our downfall with the

††††††††††††††††††††††† Council.


COLE†††††††††††† Oh yes, the Council.He knows Lord Paget and doesnít tell us?


WHITE†††††††††† We canít be sure of that.Perhaps he lied to Master Forde to stop him

††††††††††††††††††††††† leaving at once.


COLE†††††††††††† Thatís what heíll say to us, no doubt.


WHITE†††††††††† Youíre very sour about him.


COLE†††††††††††† Well, wasnít I right about Jolyff?


Silence.WHITE fiddles with papers on his desk.


††††††††††††††††††††††† Warden?


WHITE†††††††††† Continue with your opinion of Master Phillips.


COLE†††††††††††† Itís obvious.Heís begun to hedge his bets.He sees that the Hostiarius may make a case and doesnít want to hide his own heresy any longer.


WHITE†††††††††† And the Council?


COLE†††††††††††† I think Master Phillips does have connections there.How can we know he hasnít been in touch with Lord Paget all along?


WHITE†††††††††† We canít know.We simply have to trust him.


COLE†††††††††††† I wouldnít trust John Phillips now.Not that I ever did.


WHITE†††††††††† You must pretend to.Weíve no other choice.


COLE†††††††††††† And do we tell him we know about his talk with the Hostiarius?


WHITE†††††††††† Of course.


COLE†††††††††††† But that would weaken our position.


WHITE†††††††††† Our position is already weakened, thanks in no small part to you.


COLE†††††††††††† All right, so Iíve blundered, so I didnít watch the Hostiarius as I should have, so it wasnít politic to give Jolyff what he deserved, but at least Iím loyal to the true religion.


WHITE†††††††††† Iím sorry.I spoke out of turn.I appreciate your loyalty.


COLE†††††††††††† Warden, you seem to have listened so much to Master Phillips recently.And now, when we discover what he isÖ


WHITE†††††††††† What he may be.


COLE†††††††††††† What I believe him to be, then I canít but help feel bitter.


WHITE†††††††††† Jealousy will destroy you, Mathew, if you allow it to.


COLE†††††††††††† Yes, I know.


WHITE†††††††††† In any case, your fears might be unfounded.Master Phillips may tell us about his dealings with the Hostiarius of his own accord.


COLE†††††††††††† He might.It would be a good double bluff.


WHITE looks sharply at him.Blackout.End of scene.





© Karen MacLeod 2003. All Rights Reserved.